Translating your ideas into physical environments

We understand that translating your ideas into physically branded assets can be a daunting process, and one that potentially necessitates entrusting third party suppliers to fully understand your levels of expectation and deliver them successfully. 

At Astley, we have been working with architects, developers and design agencies for many years as their creative production partner. As we have extensive knowledge of both design and production using various substrates (including eco alternatives) and industry processes, we can support our clients with the most comprehensive design and prototyping service in the industry. 

We invest time working alongside our clients to carefully sample and test potential product finishes and illumination methods to allow all key stakeholders to visualise the end result before we move to manufacture. Often this means our design team working closely with our production teams to produce sample schemes to review on site, but this whole process is an integral step in successfully translating the initial concepts into physical assets without sacrificing on creativity. 






Step 1

Our highly experienced design team meet with the creative lead of a client's project and begin to understand their aims for the finished scheme. 

They will discuss the on-site environment, illumination, options for substrates, consult on practical limitations and work alongside the key stakeholders to fully establish a clear expectation for the finished piece. 

Step 2

Our designers will then begin the process of assessing any proposed visuals and translating them into a practical-delivery proposal. Alongside this they would work with the client to review possible substrates, eco-friendly alternatives and highlight any value engineering opportunities. 

Prototyping could form part of this process in order to review finishes, type sizes and illumination for example.

Step 3

A signage manual would be created following the approval of any prototypes, and our draughtsmen would create manufacture-ready drawings for production where appropriate. 

The project delivery team would then meet with production and continue to monitor progress as the assets are made in-house at either of our two production facilities. 



planning support

We are also often employed to act as the main liaison during the planning application process with LAs for our clients. 

Our design teams prepare comprehensive application packs including elevation drawings and survey information, and then act as the direct contact with an LA in order to effectively manage through a proposal.  This can prove a valuable resource for clients especially when planning a multi-location programme. 


examples of other creative production projects