AWARD-WINNING Co-op Eco Concept Store

Astley are happy to have been supporting the Co-op for several years now, with a comprehensive range of design and manufacture services for their stores across the UK. As part of our relationship, we were asked by them to help develop a new concept store using environmentally friendly alternatives for store branding.

This new 'eco-store' format has been well received in the UK and is now rolling out to other stores in their estate - a huge testament to their ambition to consider using more sustainable and alternative signage solutions. 



Step 1

Extensive prototyping phase was carried out at our Kettering based creative production facility, using a variety of sustainably sourced and recycled materials and printing methods.

After testing and sampling, a number of key substrates were selected that included:

  • 6mm, 10mm and 18mm Ultra Board in either organic brown or white finish (sourced from FSC certified forests)
  • 6mm cork pressure laminated direct to 10mm Ultra Board
  • Digitally printed non-PVC vinyl solutions

As our Kettering production facility also supports designers with creative delivery of their projects, our experience working with mixed media is unrivalled within the industry. We were able to advise on the best production processes available to suit the recycled materials.


Step 2

Our in-house design studio then set about creating the brand packs for each site. 

As we have an in-house agency with extensive practical knowledge of brand implementation, we are the most ideally placed partner to support clients with concept proposals that can be put into practice.

The Co-op use us for their internal brand packs and like our other clients, recognising the advantages of working directly with the experts who understand the implementation process from concept-to-completion.


Step 3

Our in-house print and CNC departments manufactured the newly branded assets for installation at the concept stores.

As we have highly experienced in-house print and CNC teams, they are comfortable working with the alternative substrates such as the Ultraboard and understand how best to cut and crease assets such as the hanging signs. Their knowledge of how to work with mixed media really helped with the development of this new scheme and this expertise continues to support clients like the Co-op with more sustainable alternatives. 



Since the launch of their labstores in the UK, we've now helped to develop a 'honeycomb' effect which is being used to great effect in a number of POS displays. < This mixture of textures and the introduction of a really unique approach to the use of a sustainable substrate and actually embracing the inner core of the Ultraboard, has really pushed the scheme forward even more and demonstrated that you can be creative with environmental alternatives to traditional signage.