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The beginning is a place that we all have been at various points in our lives: the beginning of a relationship, a move, or a new job. These moments mark the milestones of our lives and pinpoint our next steps; we collect a catalogue of beginnings that define our different chapters.

First Impressions

My most recent beginning saw my first week as a Bid & Content Writer at Astley. Based on the interviews and research into the company, I was more than excited to get accustomed to my new role. As a content writer, it is crucial to understand a company: how it’s organised, how it operates, but most importantly, how it feels. To capture a voice that best represents the brand, and all it stands for, is best done by experiencing it first-hand. So, Monday morning, I stepped into my new environment and welcomed an array of fresh faces.

It’s true that first impressions last. Adjusting to a new workplace, especially, is full of formalities and first impressions. What we tend to think about most, though, is how we ourselves are perceived. The responsibility of successful onboarding relies on both the employee and the employer; it is a two-way street. As much as you analyse the display of your own character, it is just as important to consider your own initial impression of your employer. People, values, product – these being just a handful of positive workplace factors that you should keep in mind and look out for when starting at a new job.


As a new starter at Astley, I laid a fresh pair of eyes on the company and its environment. Astley proved to be colourful not only in its branding, but also in its workforce and values. Although initially an outsider to the company, you are not treated as such - from the office to the factory floor, there is a discernible warmth from the Astley team. There is no doubt that people make up a huge part of our job satisfaction, and so a friendly environment was something that I valued greatly.


Populated with individuals who are experts at their craft, the Astley team boasts an irrefutable talent; and their efforts are recognised. The atmosphere of the company is heightened by their undeniable focus on the workforce. The most striking element of the onboarding process was seeing the time and attention given to the team’s wellbeing, from the internal health initiatives to the volunteer health advocates. A core part of the company’s initiative is to highlight the workforce’s efforts, as they are “integral to [the] business”, and from the get-go, you have a sense that your input is being acknowledged, considered, and valued. Rather than feeling as though secondary, I felt instantly granted with trust and value from my co-workers. Inclusive in conversation and trusting in their staff; it is certain that the values held by Astley stand true.


Not only do Astley have pride in their workforce, but they also have pride in their work. What stood out to me was the hands-on approach that Astley took to every aspect of the sign making process. The work that goes behind signage and graphics is no small feat. From consultancy, design, manufacture and installation – Astley puts in 110 per cent into their work. No stone is left unturned - even producing sample signs and mock store fronts for clients. The scale of the operations is huge, and yet, quality is not in absence. Working with brands as big as Sainsbury’s, Greggs, ASDA and JET, Astley has amassed a wealth of expertise within their industry – and it shows through the quality of their product and the efficiency of their operations.


Astley is not ignorant to its position as a manufacturer, either. The company places huge value on its social and ethical responsibilities, focusing on both environmental and charitable efforts. Not only have they become a zero-waste-to-landfill supplier, but they have also made a start on their Net Zero journey. The Astley team have also raised donations for organisations such as MacMillan Cancer Support and MIND, through a variety of fundraising activities and charity events.

These initiatives prove invaluable, especially speaking as a new recruit, as it demonstrates accountability and a proactive approach. As an employee, I feel engaged with Astley’s enthusiasm for a better workplace, as well as a better planet. This is indispensable in terms of brand perception, as it attracts the attention of potential clients, partners, and future employees.

All in all, it’s clear that Astley left an impression – one of positivity and purpose. And so, with this, I found what I was looking for. After the first week of my new beginning, I found Astley’s voice: one that emulates a level of warmth, pride, and value. I just hope the voice comes across as welcoming and enthusiastic as the team here at Astley!

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