Unrivalled expertise in branding PFS environments

astley have been supporting petroleum brands for over 20 years and is considered the UK supplier of choice for this sector's signage and brand graphics.

With a custom-built production facility in Gateshead that offers BS EN 1090 fabrication and teams trained for working on live forecourts, we are considered the 'go to' partner for this sector.

Our petroleum client portfolio includes global brands such as MFG, JET and Texaco as well as grocery clients such as Sainsbury’s and The Co-operative. All these clients benefit from a dedicated delivery team who work alongside our design studios who create signage manuals and provide both conceptual and artwork services.


in-house design services

astley has an in-house design agency that offers conceptual work alongside the creation of signage manuals, with practical knowledge of brand implementation specialist to this sector. This skillset, combined with installation crews who are fully accredited for safe work on live forecourts means that we are the 'go to' partner for brand implementation at forecourts. 

Services for this sector include:

  • visualisation of brand implementation

  • brand management

  • signage manual creation

  • kiosk design

specialist survey and auditing service

Our survey team supply our designers with all the data they need to produce concept designs and visuals for the client, manufacture-ready technical drawings and also elevations that are needed as part of the planning application process. We can even manage that part too!





BS EN 1090 certified supplier

We are proud to say we were one of the first signage suppliers in the UK to understand the importance of achieving BS EN 1090 accreditation for fabricated steel work.

We believe that achieving this standard gives our clients peace of mind that our fabrication work with steel in-house is carefully and meticulously managed with safety in mind.

According to 1090Register.com there are a number of significant risks being taken by customers using suppliers who aren’t 1090 compliant and there are indications that there are 7,000+ suppliers that are illegally trading without this accreditation.

The piece of legislation that became law in 2014 focuses on fabricated steel structures designed to be load bearing and permanent, which is therefore appropriate in our own industry for the construction of totems and large scale building signage. Even though it has been the law now for several years, and mandatory for manufacturers to have the BS EN 1090 accreditation when constructing with steel, there are still some suppliers who aren’t covered…and therefore neither are their clients.