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A company’s external signage could be the first contact made with a visitor or customer, and like the old saying goes, ‘first impressions count!’. That’s why it is vital that a brand embraces this opportunity to communicate values, ethos and what matters to them through external signage and graphics. You only get one chance to make a good first impression.
As external signs are subject to weather conditions and general ‘wear and tear’, the substrates recommended are materials that can keep their integrity and withstand all types of elements they may experience. Illumination is a significant factor to also consider, as this will determine the manufacturing of the product and how the surface needs to be prepared.
Finally, how the brand actually translates into a physical asset, with the interpretation of brand colour for example, is key to the success of its implementation.


Step 1 - extensive ​survey and audit process

In order to effectively design and manufacture building signage, it is essential to visit the location and take a comprehensive survey. At this point, dimensions are taken alongside site photographs, and assessment is made on the surface that the sign will be fixed to. It may be that the surface isn’t suitable to hold the weight of a sign or would be unsatisfactory to affix to. Our vast experience in overcoming such obstacles means our clients can be reassured that anything proposed will be done so with safety at the forefront of our focus.


Step 2 - design

We have fully equipped design studios at astley, manned by highly experienced designers who understand both the creative and practical requirements for successful brand implementation. Unlike some design companies whose product and process knowledge may be limited, our teams can effectively advise on the range of options available to the client, only proposing solutions that match to the requirement and the budget. As they have access to production teams and in-house resources, their experience working with different types of materials, repro techniques, illumination and finishes is unrivalled.
We also are happy to work from supplied concepts, and can take visuals right through to manufacture-ready drawings and highly details signage manuals. It’s at this stage that we also offer value engineering expertise, highlighting potential opportunties to save the client on cost with variation in specification.



Step 3 - manufacture

As we have one of the largest resources for the manufacture of brand graphics in the UK, working from 4 strategically located sites, we are the ideal partner for the production of standard and highly bespoke external signage solutions, including architectural built-up illuminated lettering.
We are also BS EN 1090 certified, a legal requirement in the UK for the fabrication of stainless steel product. Not all signmakers however, have this accreditation and are potentially putting their clients at risk should product fail.