Keeping our workforce safe

We’re so pleased to be working with this company, ensuring that our workforce are kept safe, especially in such challenging times.
It’s so important for us that we do as much as we can to ensure for the safety of our colleagues, and this covers so many areas of the business. Our HSQE Manager, Wayne Abbott, comments:
I see it as a priority to look at all areas of the business and review how our health and safety provision is working effectively for us. Even down to the water we use at the factories, which perhaps can go unnoticed, it’s vital we keep on top of each opportunity to review and audit what needs to be done to look after the wellbeing of our staff. Our teams work incredibly hard for this company and it’s my job as their HSQE Manager, to ensure for their safety at all times. They shouldn’t have to worry about it, and just be able to get on doing what they do best!