International Women’s day 23’




International Women’s Day 

We are excited to be celebrating the women in our workforce today at Astley! As a manufacturer in a predominantly male industry, we are aware of the struggle in our sector to recruit and help support women’s career progression. We pride ourselves in doing all we can to continue changing the landscape of women in manufacturing.

We sat down with Ruth, Group Buyer at Astley, to find out her thoughts on entering the manufacturing industry as a woman.
A demographic increasingly taking advantage of career opportunities in the manufacturing sector is women, covering roles from the shopfloor and production to finance and design. However, there is still room for improvement. Although women represent almost half of the workforce in the UK, they account for only 26% of all workers in the manufacturing sector. As a manufacturer, Astley is passionate about helping to increase these numbers and tackle any industry misconceptions.

We couldn’t be more proud to celebrate our leading ladies as they help to drive the company forward and help determine the future of Astley.

If you want to find out more about Ruth’s role and the current climate regarding women in manufacturing, then you can read our latest LinkedIn newsletter.