Astley Update

Mindelon acquires Astley Signs Limited  

To enable the retirement of our company Chairman, David Redhead, we are excited to announce that on the 31st May 2022, Mindelon AB acquired all the shares in Astley Signs Ltd.

We believe that this acquisition secures the future of our company for the next generation and enables it to continue to follow the path of investment, growth, and evolution we have successfully pursued over the last three decades.

Mindelon is a privately owned Swedish corporate group that acquires, supports and develops technology-based businesses in a number of well-defined niches. The group currently comprises a number of companies focused on increasing sales and efficiency in retail stores and other companies. Together, the Mindelon companies have some 250 employees with sales in northern Europe and the USA. To learn more about Mindelon, please visit

Former Shareholders Gavin Redhead, Managing Director, and David Forrester, Sales Director, will continue their involvement with the company in their respective positions.

To view the press release regarding the acquisition please click here